Inducted 1985

AB GOWANLOCKIn a province that prides itself on its achievements in curling, Gordon Hudson is one of the truly greats. He started Manitoba’s success in the sport in 1928 and 1929. With teams composed of Sam Penwarden, Ron Singbusch, and Bill Grant, followed by Don Rollo, Singbusch and Grant, Hudson won back-to-back national Brier championships. His brilliance in those two Briers overwhelmed eastern curlers, and set a standard the whole country grew to expect from Manitobans.

Within the province, Hudson made the MCA bonspiel his happy hunting ground. He came out of his home in Kenora to play as a lead in his first exposure to the big classic in 1909. Five years later, at age 20, they called him a boy wonder for trying for the Grand Aggregate Title. He captured three more Aggregate titles outright, tied for a fifth in 1941, and amazingly piled up silverware by winning trophies over the years like the Henry Birks, Eaton, Dingwall, Tuckett Macdonald Memorial, Dominion Match, Walker Theatre, Kiewel, Winnipeg Electric, Ganong, Hudson Bay and Black and Armstrong.

Hudson moved to Winnipeg and joined the Strathcona Club in 1919. He became a beloved figure in the “home of the champions”, guiding it as President from 1925 to 1927, and later as its Secretary. He was elected by Strathcona’s members as the most illustrious curler in the club’s first 50 years.

Gordon Hudson gave much back to his game. He served as MCA President in 1934 and 1935, for a period as its Secretary, and in 1949 and 1950 was President of the Dominion Curling Association. Ken Watson called Hudson “the greatest curler of them all”. The former Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba J.S. McDiarmid once said, “Hudson’s name is known wherever gentlemen meet”. And his long time clubmate and rival Leo Johnson suggested, “He had all the shots, a really finished product as a curler”.

b. January 5, 1894
d. July 10, 1959
Sport MB